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Welcome to Cimbric & Jeka Fish

Cimbric and Jeka Fish is your seafood producer, supplying you one of the widest and most attractive assortments of products in the market.


Cimbric and Jeka Fish is a supreme producer of processed shellfish, fish cakes and longline caught cod, both in salted, fresh and frozen condition. We have around 200 products chilled in brine, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), fresh and salted. We are constantly on the move to develop our business range and product to achieve our goal by offering you a competitive and attractive range of products meeting the needs of both today and tomorrow.  


We are meeting the requirements of customers in retail, foodservice as well as industry. In close dialogue with our customers we test and utilize our common developing possibilities in a dynamic market. 


In short: Seafood your way.   

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